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Tossed upon a continent where slavery was a way of life, Taofey Janis Moshar, TJ, would become their nightmare. She and her friends from Catlor are captured and sold into the basest of slavery... but they didn't know of the power that resides within the small darkling girl. Their mistake.


Here Hunters sought captives to sell to slavers, chased escaped slaves to return them to captivity, were contracted to take entire villages to the auction houses and hunted for the small creatures of legend, Ju'bai, for their ears and the contents of the small baskets they carried.


Though most of the Hunters are honorable men known to present the meat of their kill to starving villagers in exchange for a night’s lodging, there are others who are… not. Those are the ones hired by the harsh rulers of their city-state to pursue to the death any escaping their enslavement. Those are known to take children from those same starving villages to sell on the market to any with enough gold to purchase.


Those vile Hunters who see any as potential income however should be looked upon with scorn. They should be the ones hunted and removed from the gentle realms. They should be the ones in fear for their lives each time they pursue an innocent.

And they fear. Yes, they are afraid.


They are afraid of the coming of the Darkling.


Keep your eyes open for updates on this action filled third installment to the Catlorian Saga!

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