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“Catlorian II: Temples” continues the exploits of men and women of valor bent on thwarting Lord Banshe’e in his one-minded pursuit of vengeance.

Catlorian II: Temples Cover

The first moves in the battle for Ta’el had been made. Certain people of character and skill had been shown a path that might prove to be important should the volunteer walk down it; a door that is pointed out almost absently, but drawing the person’s attention; a suggestion, based on a supposition derived from a casual word. Maxim Anteroe could not say, “Go here! Do this!”, but he could place a question into the minds of those who had seen the results of evil and were… susceptible to conjecture. Innocents were being enslaved and staunch men and women wishing it to not be so must now chose to stand against those who would enslave them, remove the tools of evil from the hand of their Master and, in so doing, cripple the darkness that threatened Ta'el. To do so, each group of companions must choose to follow the evidence that might lead them to a questionable goal, choose to go into dark places in the hope of finding and removing dangerous weapons from the hand of the evil one, choose to place themselves into danger to free, protect and deliver those from forced captivity to the light of the sun of Ta’el.

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