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R. L. Pool - Author

R.L. Pool served in the US Army and traveled to several continents as a function of that service. He would, while away, write stories for his sons of the world of Ta’el and the challenges faced by the men and women of that world. After his retirement in 1988, he began work as a Metrology Technician for a branch of the National Institute of Standards Technology. He retired after over twenty five years, and after those same sons had served in the military and their children were grown with children of their own. One young niece found the old manuscripts written in pieces so long ago and brought them to her Uncle Rick’s attention once again. The series “Catlorian” is a compilation of those stories and is written in the hope that others will see the honor, valor and sacrifice of the people of Ta’el and take some solace at knowing that there are still those in this world who feel the same.

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