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Catlorian IV: Fire Gap Keep follows adventurers into darkness to find an edge that might stop Banshe’e in his one-minded pursuit of vengeance on Ta’el.

Catloran IV: Fire Gap Keep Cover

The game is in play and the pieces are being moved quickly upon the world board. Banshe’e has again escaped from imprisonment and is moving against Ta’el in stealth. Having lost his hold on the realms to the east of the Shederiallis Mountains, he should be attempting to change his strategy. He isn’t. Why?

This question has come to the sharp mind of Priestess Mage Anastasia Dementhal, Steward of the Temple of Draco Paladin and newly appointed Guardian of Dragon-kind, as she leads a group of companions to find weapons of the Mage War to keep them from Lord Banshe’e’s hand. That same question is on the minds of those whose valor and strength have taken the realms of Ta’el away from Lord Banshe’e’s lackeys and pushed the hordes of gualu to seek safety elsewhere.

Priestess Mage Iaprene’ Anolin now finds that an artifact located within dark places may well weaken Lord Banshe’e, yet is reluctant to risk friend’s lives for a second time in its pursuit. She and her sister in the Triad Lords of Light, Melisande Dorn, must return to the Dark Keep to find what should never have been created. She is joined by Taofey Eth’nerhan, the Huntsmaster, and a group of companions skilled in both war and magic. Together they must answer the riddles presented and seek ancient artifacts while attempting to strike at the Dark Lord’s plan for Ta’el’s destruction.

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