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“Catlorian III: Kings” follows valorous men and women of different backgrounds in their continuing effort to see the people of Ta’el free.

Catloran III: Kings Cover

Banshe’e has underestimated the tenacity of those who have placed themselves between the evil he has wrought and those he wishes to subjugate… Or has he? His minions have usurped the realm of Dragon’s Teeth on Catlor and the Kingdom of Shedran on Sharlend. They have all but strangled the routes required to bring life giving supplies needed to sustain the people of Heartstone and placed operatives in Catlorian to see that even that city is not left untouched.

Prince Raven Moshar, the Savon’el, must now plan well that the People of Dragon’s Teeth can finally be free of the dark power that holds them enthralled. He and a small band of valiant men and women… rangers, Mages, clerics and honorable mercenaries… must now join forces to oust Lord Banshe’e’s lieutenant from Dragon’s Teeth, remove the forced embargo from about Heartstone and see that, in the ensuing vacuum after, the innocent are protected from more of the same.

Prince Thom DeLonge and his sister, Illycia, return to Ta’el after twenty years to find that only a few weeks have passed upon their world. They also find that they return not to Catlor but Sharlend where another young prince must decide to risk everything he’d built, to oust a ruthless usurper from the throne of his father in an effort to free the starving people of his father’s realm, Shedran, or remain in seclusion in the lands about the Southern Keep.

Three Crown Princes seek to remove Lord Banshe’e’s hand from about the throat of those they might one day rule, though none of them wish for that role. They and their companions will risk all to see that gentle people may one day walk in freedom under the light of the sun of Ta’el.

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