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It has been several years since the Battle of Banshe’e and it seems that peace has come to Ta’el, though tentatively. The realms of Catlor and those of Thandur and Sharlend have opened communication that would allow for any signs that others with the intent to cause that fragile peace to be taken from the populace would be quickly recognized and thwarted.

Rangers, assigned by the Guildmaster of Catlorian to their separate regions, watch for and seek out the remnants of those who escaped the justice of the final battle for Ta’el. The first of the new Huntsmasters at Large, Jan Delmish and Taofey Eth’nerhan, return to Catlorian to report to the Guildmaster there that children, a few from different realms, have disappeared and there is little sign as to who took them or why.

King Thom DeLonge uses his contacts in Seaborne and finds that the missing children have not shown there and now wonders at the reasons behind it all. He sends couriers to all of the realms to coordinate a search but the responses are all the same. Children are disappearing and there is no sign to say where they have been taken.

Methine DeMauld, now a ranger-in-training under both Huntsmasters at Large, joins the search for the children, her own history calling for her to maintain the seething rage within her. Her sister, Haley, now a young priestess in service to Lord Paladin, First of the Triad Lords of Light, joins her in her mission. Both were trained from their youth in the lethal skills of Morgan DeVilleforte, Mistress of Mercenaries, and between them they will seek out the answers.

Eight years have passed since the devastation Banshe’e brought to Catlor. Although the children of Catlor have been disappearing at a slow steady rate from the villages and cities outside of the many realms for all of those years, those perpetrating the seizures have finally made a deadly mistake. They took one who is very special to Methine and Haley. Instead of seeking the children, the two lethal sisters are now hunting the thieves.

Whoever they are, Lord Death rides beside them.

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