Sep 14, 2018



Please pay attention to the rules. There are not many but they are important for you to follow. Thank you for your support of our wonderful Author and the world of Ta’el!


*Please be respectful to the Author, the Artist, and all visitors to the forums.

*Please, no Spoilers in the main forums. Specifics on each book are welcome in their individual threads. Expect spoilers in the individual book threads.

*Profanity should be kept to a minimum on behalf of our younger readers.

*No SPAM of any kind.


*Harassment of any kind will get you banned. (i.e. No racism, sexism, political agendas or anything else that may fit into this category.)


These rules may be expanded upon if the need arises without notice.


Again, thank you for your support. We truly look forward to discussing the world of Ta’el with you all.

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