So comes the summons from within Catlorian. From all around the call is answered, each adventurer with a unique motivation to seek treasure, revenge, and—above all—truth.

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“Catlorian IX: Aftermath” is now complete! It took a bit of time, the voices of many harping on me to have a say in the final book of the “Catlorian Saga”, but it is now finished and waiting while the others come to print.


No, there is no, “…and they lived happily ever after…” but there are answers to some of the questions that have come to light during the series and some that were foisted off to the new series, “Children of Ta’el”. There is a hidden antagonist who was responsible, in most part, for the strife running rampant over the face of Ta’el. He waits with his web spread, the world of Ta’el his prey.


While attempting to quiet the voices in my head, a new tale emerged. With the able assistance of my extremely talented niece, Kat Lewis, "Nevermore" came into existence. 

“Those who walk in darkness fear me.

They hide when they hear my name, run when they hear my footsteps and scream when they see me coming.

I am the Raven.”

"Nevermore" by Kat Lewis and R.L. Pool, Part 1 of the Dahl House Cyber Systems series. Now available at favorite book source! Use to find it on Booklocker's bookstore for 20% off! Use code "Save20" to get the discount!

If that isn't enough, I've also been writing a series I've been placing on r/recore on reddit. I love "ReCore"! I play it on PC when the voices get too loud! I can't publish it for copyright reasons but I can post it, with "Spoiler Warnings" to let other fans see what's in my head (never a sane proposition, but...). Keep watching here for updates!

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